A recent Opportunity Council project improved energy efficiency and air quality for a multi-family property, meaning more comfort and lower energy bills for 38 families. 

Opportunity Council’s Weatherization Team typically works on single-family homes owned or rented by income-qualified community members. However, the team wanted to share the energy and health benefits of weatherization with the many local people and families who rent in multi-family properties. 

This project was larger and more complicated than others, but worthwhile. It spent two years in the planning stage and included adding insulation to the attic and the underfloor, sealing up air leaks in the building, and installing whole-home ventilation fans in every unit. 

Overall, these upgrades will save around $3,400 annually on energy bills, and also improve residents’ comfort and indoor air quality. 

The Opportunity Council staff who planned and coordinated this project are Walter Fogg, Sean Slocum, and Kyle White. The project also involved the work of Arrow Insulation, its primary contractor, and the funding partners U.S. Department of Energy and Puget Sound Energy.  

The Weatherization Team hopes to expand projects like this one throughout its three-county service area in the future. 

A multi-family property, its many windows facing the camera

This 38-family property was weatherized for energy efficiency, lowered energy bills, and improved air quality by Opportunity Council's Weatherization team.