More than just a meal

Since 1987, Maple Alley Inn has been dedicated to serving healthy and sustaining meals and fighting hunger in Whatcom County.  Offering all that a family meal provides, Maple Alley Inn serves a diverse community of low-income families, homeless veterans, isolated seniors, individuals in recovery, and others by offering the chance to come together, dine in dignity, offer companionship, and share their stories.

Currently Maple Alley Inn serves lunch on Wednesday and Thursday  at Faith Lutheran Church located at 2750 Mcleod Rd in Bellingham.

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A Community Nourishing Itself

Community Garden

Because everyone deserves vegetables.

As much a part of Maple Alley Inn as the kitchen itself, the Maple Alley Inn Community Garden supplies fresh organic herbs and produce to the kitchen to ensure every guest has the chance to get the nutrition only a home-cooked meal can provide. Every year, volunteers plan, tend, and harvest the community garden hosted at Faith Lutheran Church—growing hundreds of pounds of fresh tomatoes, endless bushels of beets, and greens galore.

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Volunteering for Maple Alley Inn

Key to the Maple Alley Inn community is a team of more than 60 volunteers. From preparing and serving meals to keeping the Maple Alley Inn garden thriving, Maple Alley Inn volunteers come together around their common desire to help others and make their community a better place to live.