VISTA: Volunteers in Service to America

For more than 50 years, VISTA members have been on the forefront of ending poverty in America. Administered locally by Opportunity Council, we help match volunteers willing to make a year-long, fulltime to commitment to local non-profits with anti-poverty programs that fight illiteracy, improve health services, foster economic development, and otherwise assist low-income communities.

Become a VISTA

AmeriCorps VISTA is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service that places people for one year, full-time, with nonprofits that are working to bring individuals and communities out of poverty. VISTAs work exclusively through indirect service, which means they’re working to build capacity more behind the scenes. Capacity building is tasks and activities to create, expand or strengthen systems or processes in order to increase an organization’s ability to function effectively and meet its mission.

VISTA Benefits:

  • Biweekly stipend
  • Relocation allowance
  • Loan forbearance
  • Medical Allowance & food benefits
  • End of year service award OR education award
  • Non-competitive eligibility for federal employment
  • Valuable skills, training, and work experience
  • Be a part of a national movement working to alleviate poverty

For more information about the VISTA program contact: VISTA Program Specialist, Celine Parton,

Current VISTA Openings

DVSAS Outreach & Development VISTA

Application Deadline: July 2nd, 2024

DVSAS provides a variety of services to people who are impacted by domestic violence, sexual assault, or sexual exploitation. The Outreach & Development VISTA will help identify, onboard, and develop volunteers who will provide services (direct and indirect) to DVSAS clients and will help us generate additional income to support more flexible funding opportunities for survivors fleeing domestic violence.

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Skookum Kids Recruitment Coordinator VISTA

Application Deadline: July, 2nd 2024

Skookum Kids is building resilient communities where children experiencing foster care can thrive. Skookum licenses foster parents, places kids in loving homes, cares for kids at our emergency shelter in Northwest Washington, and supports families rebuilding after time apart. As the Skookum Kids Recruitment Coordinator VISTA, you’ll work on volunteer recruitment and support, community partnerships, and storytelling.

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Sustainable Connections Food Recovery VISTA

Application Deadline: July, 2nd 2024

Sustainable Connections creates thriving communities through innovative ideas, collaboration, and action. The Food Recovery Program (FRP) launched in 2017 in response to EPA findings that 30% of U.S. food is wasted, observations of wasted food locally during waste assessments, and the climate change impacts of organics in the landfill. FRP reduces food insecurity and addresses climate change by redistributing nutritious surplus food that might otherwise go to waste. The Food Recovery VISTA will support sustainable program growth through strategic outreach, recruitment, and relationship building with volunteers, donor businesses, and recipient organizations.

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For Partner Agencies

How to Apply:

  • Step 1: Complete the Concept Paper Narrative
    • This paper introduces your organization and summarizes the proposed project.

Once Accepted:

  • Step 2: Complete the VISTA Assignment Description (VAD)
    • This will break down the goals you have for the project and the activities that comprise each goal.

Program Costs: The total cost for 1 year is $7,404.79. The non-refundable payment includes $5,704.79 which covers the living stipend reimbursement and an administrative fee equal to $1,700.00 for the project year. Costs are subject to change and are based on fees charged to the Opportunity Council from the Corporation for National & Community Service.

For more information or to receive application materials contact: VISTA Program Specialist, Celine Parton,