Headline: Making ends meet for Whidbey Island Families

Island County’s Essential Needs Program helps Whidbey Island friends and neighbors with practical needs like housing set-up expenses, utilities, and one-time extraordinary expenses like car repairs. Created by the Goosefoot Community Fund and Whidbey Island Community Foundation to help members of the Whidbey Island community when no other existing assistance is available, the Essential Needs Program is also funded in part by an extraordinary community effort that helped raise more than $100,000 earlier this year.

To be eligible:

  • Households must have a Whidbey Island Zip Code
    • 98278, 98277, 98239, 98253, 98249, 98260, 98236
  • Household income must be no more than 80%  the median Island County Income
    • Household of 4: $5,475 or less per month
    • Single Household: $3,550 or less per month

To get help, apply online or call 360-679-6577 ext. 2139

  • Leave a detailed message that includes your name, phone number, and if it’s okay to leave a detailed message.
  • Be sure you get all the help you’re eligible for and mention “Whidbey Island Essential Needs Program” in your message and when working with Opportunity Council staff

Want to support the Essential Needs Program directly? Donate online at goosefoot.org/essential-needs/ or whidbeyfoundation.org/essential-needs-program/.