Help fund our Teal Bag Program

Teal Bag Program

We need your help to provide menstrual supplies to neighbors in need

The Teal Bag Program supplies tampons, pads, and other menstrual products to any person in Whatcom County.

1 in 4 individuals can’t afford menstrual products in a year and the price of poor menstrual hygiene can be devastating for people who are homeless or low-income.

Our goal

  • Raise awareness
  • De-stigmatize periods and the use of menstrual products
  • Raise $1,000 for this important community program

Your gifts help your neighbors

Every penny helps! Thank you to everyone who is supporting our goal and helping us provide free menstrual supplies. With your donations, we will distribute about 50 bags per month in Whatcom County. Bags are readily available for anyone in need regardless of gender identity, socioeconomic status, or housing situation. 

What are in the bags?

  • Each Teal Bag provides 2-3 days with of products:
    • 6 tampons
    • 6 pads
    • Wipes (per request)

Why “Teal”?

  • It’s the color of the bag!
  • The term “period” and “menstruation” tend to generate feelings of discomfort for many, so it may be easier to request a “Teal Bag”