Catherine Mahaffey Wellness Fair

Bringing free and accessible health services to East Whatcom County communities.

The annual Catherine Mahaffey Wellness Fair is a community celebration of health and wellness. Free to attend and was named after a generous philanthropist who called East Whatcom County home. The event honors Catherine’s legacy of being deeply invested in the health and well-being of her neighbors and fellow community members.

2024 Wellness Fair Offerings

All services are provided at no charge to attendees. Those with or without insurance are welcome. All ages and stages are served. No guarantee of services. All services are first come first serve.

fun for families

A celebration of health and community the fair offers family fun, free food, and supervised play for children.

The 2024 Health Fair Includes:

  • Free Burrito Bowls from the Common Threads Food Truck
  • Supervised Play Area
  • Bounce House
  • Kids’ Bike & Scooter Skills Course from Smart Trips.

Residents of East Whatcom County often have to drive an hour or more to access basic health services. By bringing providers to the residents, we help make sure everyone has access to the health care they deserve.

2024 Health Care Offerings include:

  • Dental Care
  • Vision Exams (and glasses!)
  • Basic Health Consultations.

In addition to standard healthcare offerings, we offer specialized offerings for older adults.

2024 Older Adult Health Care Offerings:

  • Foot Care
  • Memory Screenings
  • Hearing Tests

Staff from Opportunity Council’s Access ID program and the Department of Licensing will be on renew driver’s licenses, and help attendees obtain government-issue ID’s (including Enhanced ID cards).

Need a hand getting to the fair? Opportunity Council and the WTA are here to help! Parking for the fair is available at Kendall Elementary School, with shuttles to EWRRC every 15 minutes.

Door-to-door transportation from the WTA is also available. To be picked up and dropped off for the event, be sure to register for the fair by May 9th.

We know the East Whatcom Community is committed to caring for its own. To help meet the critical and lifesaving need for blood, fair attendees will be able to donate blood through a Bloodworks NW.

Sign up to donate blood.