Could you give $333 a month for six months?

We have an urgent need: 150 individuals are at risk of losing their housing.  A solution is in the works to solve part of this, but we still need to raise $150,000 by the end of January to help 75 people.

Can you help? Your gift of $333 a month for 6 months will keep one person in their home.

We know it’s a big ask.  We also know it will make a big difference for someone in our community.

Your gift will keep people in their homes.

  • $2,000 will house one person for 6 months.  ($333 a month for six months.)

  • $4,000 will house 2 people for six months

  • $10,000 will house 5 people for six months

Your gift of any amount will make a difference.



Your gift will help.

Thank you!

Help them stay housed.