Request for Qualifications
Community Development Consulting Services

Issued:                                                            July 1, 2020

Statement of Qualifications Due:         July 21, 2020 at 5:00 PM

For information:                                        Greg Winter, Executive Director, Opportunity Council,


Section 1. Project description and overview

Opportunity Council (OC) is a nonprofit Community Action Agency serving Island, San Juan and Whatcom Counties in Northwest Washington State. OC’s strategic goals for the people we serve are housing stability, financial stability, school and work readiness, whole person health, and social justice. Over more than 50 years, OC has developed numerous services and programs to help people improve their lives.

OC has two general approaches to its strategy: first, we provide direct support, education and assistance to families and individuals living at or near the poverty level of income; second, we work in the communities we serve to facilitate systems changes that support the people we serve. We see each approach as reinforcing the other.

Our community development activities include a broad range of initiatives. Some of these initiatives are site-specific and population-focused (e.g. affordable and supportive housing development; development of community facilities such as resource centers, food banks, commercial kitchens that serve our programs). Others are advocacy and policy-focused, designed to influence state and local government decisions about resource allocation and investment.

It is anticipated that the selected consultant will demonstrate expertise and productive experience in the following areas of focus:

  • Community development planning that is both site-specific and policy-focused
  • Resource development
  • Stakeholder engagement

Individuals, firms and teams with relevant experience are encouraged to apply.


RFQ Response Submission

All Statements of Qualification (SOQ) must be submitted electronically via email and received by Opportunity Council by 5:00 PM on July 21, 2020. Please submit SOQ responses and direct all questions to: Greg Winter, Executive Director,

Opportunity Council will evaluate the responses to this RFQ based on the criteria outlined in the Scope of Work.

Opportunity Council is an Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action employer.

Minority- and women-owned firms are encouraged to submit SOQs.


Section 2. Scope of Work

Consultants should respond to this RFQ with a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) that address all of the following services. These descriptions identify the minimum scope of services that may be provided by a qualified consultant. Specific details of the scope of work will be identified after the selection of the consultant.

A. Community development planning

    1. Provide technical assistance to build OC capacity to pursue policy initiatives, funding options and other housing project concepts within the three-county area including Whatcom, Island and San Juan Counties.
    2. Development of preliminary land use concepts, policies and implementation strategies for affordable housing, community facilities, and programmatic projects and initiatives.
    3. Provide technical assistance and predevelopment services to explore and build support for project concepts at site-specific locations.
  1. Resource development
    1. Research and pursue public and private funding to support the development of housing and community facilities.
    2. Assist with technical compliance activities related to major public funding awards.
    3. Develop and coordinate processes leading to increased capacity of Opportunity Council and allied organizations to develop high priority housing and community facilities (e.g. child care centers, resource centers, food banks, etc.).
  2. Stakeholder engagement
    1. Coordinate project and/or policy-focused outreach to community leaders, including state and local elected officials.
    2. Coordinate meetings and activities to involve leadership in relevant coalitions, community groups and neighborhood associations.
    3. Participate in project planning meetings both internal at Opportunity Council and with external stakeholders.
    4. Coordinate neighborhood outreach, including helping to develop relationships with immediate neighbors of planned housing and community facility projects.

Section 3.  Responding to the RFQ

Opportunity Council welcomes all respondents and encourages them to share their expertise in community development work that can advance our mission. Tell us why you are the right partner for this project. We will assess the responses based on the respondents’ experience and how well the responses address the Opportunity Council’s scope of work. We request the following specific information from respondents:

  1. Cover Letter: Please include company name, address of the nearest local office, contact name for a response, and that person’s contact information. Please keep cover letter to one page.
  2. Experience: Provide a statement of experience discussing past performance, capabilities, and qualifications. Identify other similar projects with which your firm has been involved. Explain how your firm is a suitable partner for the described scope of work.
  3. Additional information: Provide any additional information that will help us evaluate your firm’s fit for this scope of work. PLEASE NOTE: you may only include information that directly responds to this RFQ; please do not include any promotional material or company brochures.
  4. Compensation: Include the proposed compensation structure and payment schedule for your services.
  5. References: Provide references, including contact information, from previous contracts or partnerships.

Please keep response to no more than 10 pages total (including cover page). PLEASE DO NOT attach any marketing material, brochures, or items that do not directly respond to this RFQ.


Section 4. RFQ Response Process

A. Questions

Questions related to this RFQ should be emailed to Greg Winter, Executive Director, at no later than 5:00 PM (EST) on July 21, 2020. Any submission of questions related to the RFQ shall include, “Community Development RFQ” in the email subject line and include the name of the person submitting the question(s).

Opportunity Council assumes no liability for assuring accurate/complete/on time e-mail transmission and receipt.

Final RFQ submissions must be received in electronic form by 5:00 PM (EST) on July 21, 2020. Please send responses by email in PDF format to Your final RFQ submission shall include, “Community Development RFQ” in the email subject line.


To learn more about the Opportunity Council, click here to visit the Opportunity Council website