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‘Art of Hope’ Celebrated 20 Years of Dorothy Place

WHATCOM COUNTY, WASH. (April 2018) – Twenty years ago, a group of concerned citizens mobilized to create the first domestic violence housing facility of its kind in our county that gave families a place to stabilize and rebuild their lives.

This year the community continued to show it’s support for this program at the annual Dorothy Place fundraising event.

March 28, in honor of 20 years of Dorothy Place’s service to the community, the Opportunity Council hosted the Art of Hope art challenge, exhibition and auction. Donated artwork and generous donors raised just over $40,000 to support Dorothy Place.

“A group of passionate people came together to create this safe haven and we are thrilled to have artists and supporters  in our community continue to support the work of Dorothy Place,” said Summer Starr, Event Coordinator at the Opportunity Council.

When it opened in 1998, Dorothy Place was unique in the sense that it provided not only a safe place for those in need but also a home.

“When Dorothy Place started, the only domestic violence shelter available in our community was a 5-bedroom home that had a 30-day maximum stay. Dorothy Place provided 22 private units with long term support for families to stay together,” said Opportunity Council Community Services Director, Debbie Paton.